Please note that reservations require groups of 25 guests or more.

Dining Room Facilities

Pico de Gallo proudly offers the Salón Azteca for groups of up to 125 guests. The Salón Azteca has a private bar featuring a magnificent hand-carved wooden mural depicting traditional Mexican festivities.

A minimum of 100 guests is required to guarantee privacy in the Salón Azteca.

Guarantees, Deposits & Cancellations

A deposit of $5.00 per guest is required to reserve dining space. A reservation will not be deemed confirmed until the deposit has been received.

Host must confirm to the Reservations Manager the guaranteed number of guests by 3:00 p.m. two business days prior to the event. Pico de Gallo will, at a minimum, bill Host according to the number of guests confirmed. If the number of guests should fall below the minimum number of guests required to guarantee 'Private' dining space, Pico de Gallo reserves the right to assign other dining space. Due to potential lost bookings, deposits are non-refundable.

For information about our catering services and rates, please call 210-212-4302.

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