3 medium tomatoes (firm to the touch)
1 medium sweet yellow onion
1 green onion with the stalk (optional)
3 jalapenos or serrano peppers (depends on the spiciness of the pepper) to taste
1/2 cilantro bush (equal to about half cup or more chopped)
1 pinch of salt (you can add a pinch per tomato if you'd like)

Dice the tomatoes and onions into little cubes, the cilantro and jalapenos should be finely chopped. Once you've done this, toss all the ingredients together evenly.

Optional: You can add a bit of fresh lemon or lime juice if you're going to serve the pico de gallo on fajita tacos or with seafood.

Yield: One bowl

Great served with ceviche, seafood, fajita tacos or just about anything. Pico de gallo can also be scrambled together with eggs for "Huevos a la Mexicana," just be sure to leave out the lemon juice if you try this.

Turn a shrimp cocktail into a "Campechana" by adding some pico de gallo.

For a spicy treat, mix pico de gallo with fresh guacamole.

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